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Learning Colemak.

cooper the 9 week old Dutch shepherd

Going back to my neglected color challenge! I had a lot of fun painting this one. One day I want to do a Guardians cover… a girl can dream…

Orange for #7daysofcolor, featuring Rocket Raccoon. OH AND come see me at NYCC’s Artist Alley next week, table V11!!

Antonio Caparo
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1988 Cizeta Moroder prototype

Masters of the tease, TWSBI shows off three new physical prototypes


Masters of the tease, TWSBI shows off three new physical prototypes

Never one to hide what they’re working on, TWSBI has shown off three more pens with the goal of acquiring viewer feedback.

The PP025 is similarly modeled after the Micarta design but made from PMMA resin and will include a piston filler:

twsbi pp025 prototype

TWSBI says this is the not the final color scheme, but if you ask me, they could start producing them as is. I love the way both colors look with that shiny…

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Quote of the week - 22/09/2014
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Reform is an online shop from the guys at Sans Form, that fea­tures a col­lec­tion of min­i­mal poster designs by select design­ers. So far the shop has posters designed by Aesse, Duane Dal­ton, Berger & Föhr, Saw­dust, Mash and more.
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LettEr (by dessinauteur)

(via Leather Travel Notebook Sketchbook or Journal by BroLeatherWorks)